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Welcome to Cacti 1.2.9!

Special thanks to all that have helped by contributing code and reporting issues on GitHub!

For additional details, please check out the README located on GitHub.


security#3191: Lack of escaping on some pages can lead to XSS exposure (CVE-2020-7106)
security#3201: Remote Code Execution due to input validation failure in Performance Boost Debug Log (CVE-2020-7237)
issue#2937: Devices still show in lists despite being deleted
issue#3038: When editing an aggregate on smaller screens, layout may not be correct
issue#3136: Upgrade may fail between 1.2.7 and 1.2.8 if incompatible database format used
issue#3142: Chrome sets graphs tree navigation view to width 0px
issue#3146: Unable to create aggregate graphs on new installations
issue#3149: After refresh of page, tooltips stop working
issue#3150: When using Time Graph View, Zooming can cause errors
issue#3151: Passing glue string after array is deprecated in PHP 7.4
issue#3155: Aggregate does not correctly follow color template when reordered
issue#3156: On new installs, gprint_format was missing from table aggregate_graphs
issue#3157: Back button not working properly with Classic theme
issue#3158: Classic theme show only 3 tabs on mobile device. Don't show Console menu
issue#3159: PHP Memory is not correctly identified when value is not in megabytes
issue#3161: When the poller_output_boost table is missing, recreate it before a poller run
issue#3163: When using RPMlint, Free Software Foundation address is shown to be incorrect
issue#3165: Zoom looses its focus after all graphs on page rendered
issue#3166: When changing zoom level, graphs are resized inappropriately at the end
issue#3167: Installer should initialize the csrf-secret.php file automatically
issue#3168: sqltable_to_php.php script does not pick up row_format
issue#3177: Remove legacy plugin hook that presents potential 3rd party security issues
issue#3178: The change password page is not displaying the rules
issue#3180: Receiving undefined index errors when working with some Data Queries
issue#3181: When configuration file is unreadable, Cacti shows database connection errors if non defaults are needed
issue#3182: When a database connection error occurs, there is no way to report actual error
issue#3184: Improve program path detection by using system path and PHP_BINDIR
issue#3193: Starting with MySQL 5.7 some sql_mode variables are required for some plugins
issue#3196: Minimize use of eval() in JavaScript due to emerging Content-Security-Context guidelines
issue#3200: Unable to mass change Graph Template image format in mass
issue#3206: Converted aggregate graph cannot be edited
issue#3209: Error occurs when Creating New Graphs through Automatically Added Devices using Sync Device Template
issue#3216: When editing a Data Source Profile size is shown as 'N/A'
issue#3224: When removing graphs by command line, regex is not properly validated when empty
issue#3225: Unable to Import Templates due to invalid dependency hash
issue#3226: When processing secpass login, failed logins are not recorded
issue#3228: Login page does not remember the last realm used by user
issue#3232: When editing HRULE and VRULE items, color selector was not presented
issue#3233: When working with non-templated graphs, it can be difficult to determine what items represent
issue#3235: Transient errors may occur with table poller_output_boost_arch
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