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Release Notes -

Welcome to Cacti 1.2.7!

Special thanks to all that have helped by contributing code and reporting issues on GitHub!

For additional details, please check out the README located on GitHub.


security#2964: CVE-2019-16723 Security issue allows to view all graphs
issue#1181: When opening the Scheduler, it may appear off screen when opened near the bottom of a window
issue#2894: When using Remote Data Collectors, database information and recommendations may show Incorrect values
issue#2895: When using data sources from different RRDs, Percentile calculation may be incorrect
issue#2899: When displaying a form, variable substitution may not always work as expected
issue#2922: When running a data query, the result may come back as undefined
issue#2925: When using consolidation functions, retrieving the first step can cause errors
issue#2926: When editing a graph, variable validation errors may prevent changes from being saved
issue#2929: Boost performance may become poor even in single server mode
issue#2930: RRDtool can generate errors to standard output which can corrupt images
issue#2932: When RRDTool generates an error creating an image, it is not always reportedly properly
issue#2936: Installer will loop when number of tables exceeds PHP's max_input_vars limit
issue#2938: Under CentOS packages, upgrade_database.php script uses incorrect location for DB upgrade scripts
issue#2940: Images are not always properly sized until the page size changes
issue#2949: Order icons may not be properly aligned
issue#2951: Allow legends to be modified for Aggregate Graphs
issue#2958: Drop down autocomplete lists do not always open as expected
issue#2961: When syncing device templates, undefined function may be raised
issue#2963: When running ss_cpoller script, avgTime incorrect returns maxTime
issue#2966: Realtime popup windows do not always honor settings
issue#2967: When using Spikekill, gap and range fill are not operating as expected
issue#2970: When a user edits their profile, buttons may appear as unusable whilst still being enabled
issue#2973: User menu does not always display properly on mobile devices
issue#2974: Script Server can raise unexpected warnings when 'arg_num_indexes' set but not found in data source
issue#2975: Datasource Debug does not properly handle European numbers in certain circumstances
issue#2976: Boost messages should be stored in their own log file
issue#2977: Data updates with past timestamps can cause boost errors
issue#2978: Moving hosts between data collectors is slow
issue#2979: Multi Output Fields are not parsed correctly
issue#2984: When checking SQL fields, value was not always primed
issue#2986: Selecting 'Devices' menu pick closes 'Management' menu
feature#2943: Allow all Data Queries of a device to be re-indexed at once
feature#2952: If device is down or threshold breached, highlight in tree view
feature#2985: Update phpseclib to 2.0.23
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