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Release Notes - 1.2.4

Welcome to Cacti 1.2.4!

Cacti 1.2.4 is the latest release in the Cacti 1.x series. We have been in the process of creating a long-term stable code base before embarking on the next major development of Cacti. We feel that Cacti 1.2.4 will be that stable release.

Special thanks to all that have helped by contributing code and reporting issues on GitHub!

For additional details, please check out the README located on GitHub.


issue#2523: Send A Test Email stops working under PHP 7.3
issue#2589: Missing RRD file can cause DSSTATS to throw errors
issue#2590: When installing, chosen language is sometimes lost
issue#2591: Menu selection does not always match selected page/section
issue#2592: When viewing an aggregate graph, 'Display graphs from this aggregate' option does always not work
issue#2593: Unable to migrate aggregate graphs to matching aggregate template
issue#2598: Creating an aggregate graph without associated template causes RRDtool error
issue#2599: Creating/Updating an Aggregate Graph to use LINE/STACK's generates invalid SQL statements
issue#2604: When adding a dataquery, SQL errors can be generated
issue#2605: When installing, checking database tables can cause errors
issue#2608: db_update_table() function should not require an engine type or comment
issue#2609: When updating from earlier than 1.2, timezone column might not exist
issue#2610: Data Sources troubleshooter generates warning that each() function is deprecated
issue#2612: When RRDtool fails to initialize, DSStats generates lots of warnings
issue#2618: ifAdminStatus in snmp_queries/interfaces.xml
issue#2621: File paths that accept blanks are not allowing blanks
issue#2622: Various undefined variables generate errors within database.php
issue#2623: When using form_text_area(), invalid HTML can be generated
issue#2627: Some filenames can be lost in log file selection list
issue#2629: When upgrading, ldap library is not loaded properly due to incorrect paths
issue#2632: Automated Networks are not being properly replicated to additional pollers
issue#2635: When running automation scans, database connection should be forced to central database
issue#2638: Support disabling PHP SNMP extension by mhoran
issue#2645: Some URLs are incorrectly calculated
issue#2649: Automation not creating graphs when there are custom items
issue#2650: Several undefined variables are generating warnings
issue#2662: HRULE objects broken in some cases
issue#2668: Trailing parentheses are removed from the SNMP system description
issue#2672: Cacti Install on Windows Fails
issue#2676: Skin paper plane not working on iPhone XR
issue#2678: Call to undefined function _() in data_queries.php
issue#2679: Users with passwords that do not meet complexity requirements are not redirected to the Change Password page
issue#2680: Remove deprecated $php_errormsg usage
issue#2689: Increase boost maximum memory limits
issue#2693: Graph links do not contain URL path causing links to fail
issue#2698: Avoid duplicated icon in the main.js of all themes
issue#2699: Login option "Show the page that user pointed their browser to" does not work properly
issue#2702: sqltable_to_php.php does not always generate valid table data arrays
issue#2707: Some pages that have permission errors dont raise proper messages
issue#2712: PHP memory should be unlimited in scripts that need more memory than the default
issue#2713: SNMP System Description with UTF8 strings properly are not properly parsed
issue#2718: When links are converted to ajax calls, mailto links should not be included
issue#2720: When calculating percentiles, the value is incorrect as the steps are not placed in correct order
feature#2538: Allow users to change default method of removing data sources when deleting graphs
feature#2539: Allow users to set the default graph lock status
feature#2540: Allow users to enable/disable graph tree history
feature#2646: Allow application of automation rules on CLI by rb83
feature#2654: New hook to notify plugins of user profile changes ('auth_profile_update_data')
feature#2664: Add option to purge spikekill backups
feature#2701: Provide option to continue graphing objects that loose their index
feature#2704: Device and template cache do not refresh properly

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