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Welcome to Cacti 1.2.16!

In other news, TheWitness, one of our longest members, wrote a few words so feel free to read and comment if you have a few moments of your time:

Special thanks to all that have helped by contributing code and reporting issues on GitHub!

For additional details, please check out the README located on GitHub.


issue#3704: When generating a report, the Cascade to Branches function does not as expected
issue#3859: When viewing graphs, automatic refresh so not always work as expected
issue#3898: Realtime graph pop up counter bug
issue#3903: Undefined variable errors may occur when creating a new datasource
issue#3907: The cli-based installer does not exit with a non-zero exit code when error occurs
issue#3912: When an export is complete, sometimes the progress bar remains
issue#3915: When enabling many devices, a threshold can be reached causing a slowdown in the process
issue#3916: When performing actions against Devices, replicated device information could sometimes be lost
issue#3917: When using API to rename a tree node, backtrace may be incorrectly shown
issue#3919: When searching, valid pages can sometimes be shown as empty by ddb4github
issue#3920: When exporting data from graphs, not all data was properly included
issue#3924: Graph Templates filter is not updated after new graph created by ddb4github
issue#3926: Username and password on the login page is not visible in Classic theme
issue#3929: Improve wording of concurrent process and thread settings
issue#3930: Location filter should remove blank entries by ddb4github
issue#3931: When syncing data collectors, a reindex event may be triggered unnecessarily
issue#3932: Automation Networks allows discovery of invalid IP addresses
issue#3933: When changing permissions of the current user, they don't take effect immediately
issue#3935: When reindexing a device, an incorrect page was sometimes displayed
issue#3942: When repairing database, audit_database.php does not add missing columns
issue#3948: Spine 1.2.15 - Spine Encountered An Unhandled Exception Signal Number: '6' [11, Resource temporarily unavailable] (Spine thread)
issue#3949: Log page should not be empty if no log info exists
issue#3953: During upgrade, there are times when realms can be duplicated leading to SQL errors
issue#3957: When using ping.php, UDP response times are not interpreted properly by hypnotoad
issue#3960: Improve warning you get when attempting to view a log file you don't have access to
issue#3962: When replicating files, scripts are not marked as executable
issue#3963: When creating plugin tables, collation is not set properly
feature: Update c3.js to version 0.7.20
feature: Update Chart.js to version 2.9.4
feature: Update phpseclib to version 2.0.29
feature: Update PHPMailer to version 6.1.8
feature: Use LSB shebang notation for cli scripts
feature: Add support for cactid daemon based launcher
feature#3923: Add ability to hide the Graph Drilldown icons by datatecuk
feature#3943: Add hooks for plugins to show custom Graph Source and custom Template URL (List View)
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