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Release Notes -

Welcome to Cacti 1.2.15!

Special thanks to all that have helped by contributing code and reporting issues on GitHub!

For additional details, please check out the README located on GitHub.


issue#3643: When editing Maximum OIDs Per Get Request, blank value can cause errors
issue#3656: Boost may run more often than it should
issue#3693: Recache Event Loop can cause Interface Graphs to show gaps
issue#3703: When searching Graph Tree's, non matching devices remain visible
issue#3711: Page validation errors may occur when opening real time graphs
issue#3722: External Links do not always open if they are still open from previous usage
issue#3730: Cultural changes to various word usage
issue#3741: Replicate deleted device status instead of poller sync
issue#3743: Description field allows more characters entered than is stored
issue#3747: When installing or upgrading, LDAP functions may not always be included properly
issue#3748: Unable to remove discovered device
issue#3753: When installing or upgrading, PHP recommendations may not always return a valid value
issue#3755: Graph Templates has duplicate SQL delete statement
issue#3759: When syncing to remote poller, missing function errors may occur
issue#3760: When removing devices from remote pollers, devices may reappear without details
issue#3761: When removing devices, array errors may sometimes be recorded
issue#3763: Variable injection does not always work as expected
issue#3764: Editing Data Queries with multiple data templates can give errors about Suggested values
issue#3767: Progress bar does not provide enough visual information during long page loads
issue#3768: Some themes do not allow for a way to see which user is currently signed in
issue#3769: When viewing tables, allow users to force all columns to be visible
issue#3770: Column sizing is being lost between pages refreshes
issue#3771: When viewing input methods table, no ID is shown to help identify which method is being viewed
issue#3775: Filters do not always respect using keyboard to initiate searching
issue#3778: When exporting a data query, an invalid column name error can sometimes be shown
issue#3781: When checking if a view is allowed, having no session can result in errors
issue#3782: When removing devices via the CLI, undefined variable errors may be seen
issue#3786: Real Time Graphs may cause invalid index errors
issue#3790: On newer versions of MySQL/MariaDB, 'system' keyword can cause issues
issue#3793: Plugin setup can generate errors when reading options via system function
issue#3809: Plugin version numbers can be unexpectedly truncated
issue#3815: When PHP Session is set to autostart, an error can be reported as Cacti attempts to start it
issue#3820: When removing multiple items, selection process does not always work
issue#3821: When exporting colors, the indicator is not always removed upon completion
issue#3825: Unable to pass tree and leaf ID to 'graph_button' hook
issue#3827: When performing maintenance, various errors may sometimes be seen
issue#3828: When Guest User setting is active, current user is not always properly set
issue#3831: When installing Cacti, minor errors in text can be seen
issue#3835: Numbers are not always formatted properly when there are no decimal places
issue#3836: When viewing Real Time Graphs, an undefined index error may be recorded
issue#3844: Minor memory leaks and refresh issues when zooming on graphs
issue#3847: Real Time Graphs may sometimes fail due to folder permissions
issue#3849: Navigation can sometimes occur unexpectedly due to background timers
issue#3850: Trees management screen not reporting correct number of trees
issue#3858: Tree sequences can sometimes skip numbers during resorting
issue#3862: Guest user selection should not allow setting the currently logged in user
issue#3864: Links in Table Headers do not show clearly when in modern theme
issue#3868: Under some cases tree logic leads to undefined index errors
issue#3869: Cacti Data Debug can show errors if the Data Source is damaged or has been removed
issue#3871: When importing a data query, an invalid column name error can sometimes be shown
issue#3874: When using shift functions on graphs, negative values are not allowed
issue#3881: Correct issue when file is unreadable reporting no file was specified
issue#3883: Orphaned Plugins have no option to be removed
issue#3884: Update MySQL recommendations for Character Set and Colation
issue#3888: Correct sorting of IP addresses to be numeric not alpha by JamesTilt
issue#3890: Saving a device should not always repopulate the poller cache
feature: Update FontAwesome to Version 5.14
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